Red Cross Training People in Child CPR

There are a variety of situations in which a child may need emergency CPR or some other form of rescue technique. These are a skillset that every parent should have.

The Red Cross of Connecticut offers a variety of training courses to help parents learn these vital skills. “Often times bystanders without rescue skills such as CPR shy away from getting involved in an emergency situation”, says Paul Shipman, the spokesperson for the Red Cross.

The goal of The Red Cross is to educate everyone in the skills of CPR and the Heimlich maneuver.

A baby swallows a penny while playing with a wallet. A toddler slips under the pool’s surface unnoticed for too long. A child gets a chunk of food stuck in his throat during dinner time. I’ve experienced some of these moments with my two young sons. Thankfully, they’ve come out of the situations unharmed, but I was left utterly shaken.

I learned some lifesaving techniques during lifeguard training when I was a teenager, but that was more than 20 years ago. When an accident happens, do we know what to do? Should all parents refresh our past knowledge and be comfortable with at-home lifesaving techniques?

“Every family should have somebody trained in basic first aid and CPR skills,” says Paul Shipman, spokesperson for the American Red Cross in Connecticut, which teaches approximately 120,000 people each year in a variety of safety procedures. The “basic level” class for the “average everyday responder” is offered all around the state each month and results in a certification that is valid for two years. Joe Lodge teaches the 3-1/2 class and says parents shouldn’t put it off because we are too busy.

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